Consign With Us

Why consign?

Hassle Free

Well yes, you will still need to collect your items and bring them to the store. After that, we handle 100% of the sale. No need for you to find buyers. 

Save Time

Have you tried selling items yourself online? You take pictures and post them, buyers ask questions, lots of questions. The beauty of selling through consignment is that you don't have to negotiate with the buyer. No need to respond to emails, phone calls, Facebook questions. No need to arrange to meet the buyers somewhere safe. Everything is taken care of for you.

No risk

There is literally zero risk to you. We will look through your items and accept those we know our market wants. 

Best Prices

We take the guesswork out of pricing. We know what the market will bear and the best price to charge. Our consignors earn top dollar for their items.

Ready to consign with us? Simply email us photos of what you want to consign. Someone will reach out to you to arrange drop off. 

Consignment FAQ

Thank you for your interest in consigning your items with Consign & Design Interiors. Below is a general overview of our consignment policies and process for your review.

Consignment is a 50/50 split, with prices determined by our management team.
If you have an amount in mind that you need from each item, please let us know
in advance.

You will receive a copy of your item inventory at the time of drop-off for your

Consignment is on a 90-day basis, and we reserve the right to reduce the initial
price by up to 50% after 60 days if an item has not sold. Any item removed by the
owner prior to 60 days will incur a 15% charge based on the ticketed price to
cover storage costs. Unsold items may be picked up any time after 60 days.

Consignors are paid on the 15th of each month. We will send an email to let you
know when you have a check ready for pickup. Checks must be picked up at the
store, and unclaimed checks revert to store credit after 90 days.

Consign & Design Interiors bears no liability, expressed or implied, for items
consigned with us.

Unsold items that go unclaimed for 30 days after the consignment period ends
will revert to the store.

We do not consign items that are or have previously been listed online, i.e. Facebook
Marketplace. Once consigned with us, we facilitate all marketing for the item. If you choose to
list your consigned items online during the consignment period, we will remove the item from
the showroom and ask that you pick it up, at which time you will be responsible for the 15%
storage fee.

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